Best Laptop Cooling Pad Ultimate Buyer’s Guides & Reviews

CM Storm SF-17

As the technology is evolving, the workload on the smart devices has increased. Due to the excessive work, they easily heat up and the efficiency of the work suffers. The best solution to solve this problem is using the laptop cooling pad.

The selection of the cooling pad is not an easy task as there is a variety available in the market. Here we have the complete guide that will help you buy the best laptop cooling pad.

What is Laptop Cooling Pad?

What is Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is the hardware accessory that is used to reduce the temperature of the laptop when it is being operated. The accessory is mostly utilized when the laptop cannot efficiently cool down itself.

The purpose of using the laptop cooling pad is to protect the machinery of the device from overheating and the discomfort to the user that comes when the surface is excessively heated.

The device is often kept under the laptop and it consists of active and passive cooling methods.

  • The active cooler will work to move the air towards the laptop so that the generated heat moves away and the device will cool down quickly.
  • The passive coolers increase the passive airflow by working on the thermally conductive methods.

There is a multi-surface cooler that will not only cool down the laptop but also the surface on which it has been kept. Such types of laptop cooling pad are perfect to be used on any surface that you like.

Strong fans are installed in the laptop cooling pad and it connects with your dove through the USB port. It will provides a good airflow that will keep the temperature under control.

The laptops should be designed to cool themselves when they are used on the flat surface. It becomes hard when you use it on the non-flat surface like your bed or lap.

As soon as you notice that, your laptop is excessively overheating or rebooting, it is a better idea to invest in the laptop cooling pad.

Benefits of Using Laptop Cooling Pad

Benefits of Using Laptop Cooling Pad

Before selecting the laptop cooling pad, let's take a look at the amazing benefits that you will get.

Lower ambient temperature

The temperature of your laptop depends on three factors:

  • Processing speed
  • The surface on which you have kept it
  • Surrounding temperature

When the processing speed of the laptop is high, the device will automatically get heated up after sometime. It is important that you control this heat so that your laptop will work properly. The laptop cooling pad has been equipped with special fans that will keep hot spots of your device cool all the time.

In case your surrounding temperature is high, it will act as a contributing factor to heat up your device. It is advised that when the external temperature is high never use your device on bed or lap as it will cause the accumulation of hot air around the device that might lead to some issues.

Increase the efficiency of CPU

To prevent the laptop from heating up there are internal fans installed near the CPU and the GPU as they produce most of the heat in the device. However, sometimes due to excessive workload and high external temperature, the fans are unable to work properly, it reduces the performance of the laptop, and it might lead to the device break down.

Laptop cooling pad is the best solution in this case. The fans of the pad are designed in such a way that they will work with the internal fans of the laptop to keep the temperature under control. It means the performance of your laptop will never suffer.

A Strong and cool resting place

The laptop cooling pad is manufactured with hard material which means that you can keep your laptop anywhere you like as long as it is connected with the pad. You will not have to worry about the hot air accumulation around your laptop as the cooling pad will continuously remove it from the surrounding

Laptop cooling pad will protect your laptop from any dust build up as it will keep the external air and dust or fabric particles away from your device.

Comfortable lap use

Most of us prefer to use the laptop on our lap however; it is not a very safe decision. Excessive use of the laptop might lead to skin burns or some other issues as the laptop will keep getting overheated and there is no protection layer between your lap and the device.

The laptop cooling pad will allow you to use the laptop even on the lap without burning your skin. It will work as the dual cooling system by keeping the hot air away from the device and your lap. There will be no obstruction of the airflow and you can use your laptop as long as you like with the help of laptop cooling pad.

Features to Consider When Buying a Laptop Cooling Pad​

We understand that selection of the laptop cooling pad is not an easy task. Here are some of the features that you must consider before buying the laptop cooling pad.

Size and Material

The first and the most important feature to consider when you are buying the laptop cooling pad is the size and the material.

  • The size of the cooling pad should be the same as your laptop to adjust it perfectly.
  • If the size is small it will not perform properly and if it is large you might find it hard to adjust the laptop on the right fans.
  • Ensure that it has been manufactured with the quality material.
  • The material of the laptop cooling pad should be heat resistant.


Pay attention towards the design of the laptop cooling pad. The design of the cooling pad will help you decide who you can use the product.​

  • If you like to use your laptop mostly on the desk then select a laptop cooling pad with the height adjustment feature.
  • In case you use the device in bed or lap then have the laptop cooling pad with the raised fans so that their function will not be obstructed by the blanket. The edges of the device should be round.
  • Look for the packable and streamlined design, as it will serve you anywhere you like.
  • There should be a proper place to stash your USB when you are not using the cooler.


One of the most important things to consider while buying the laptop cooling pad is the amount of air it can easily circulate. The laptop cooling pad will work effectively if the fans are powerful and efficient.

  • The air circulation of the pad is measured in CFM and it is different for different models.
  • The powerful fans can push upwards 70 CFM while the lowers ones can deal with only 20 CFM.
  • Laptop cooling pads mostly works with the USB so you have to ensure that you have the right port for the connection before buying the product.

Usability and Extras

The usability of the laptop cooling pad is important to consider as you have to ensure that the product is easy to use and maintain.

Keep your product away from the dust and clean it often to increase the life of the laptop cooling pad. Do not forget to check the warranty of the device.

There are some manufacturers that will give you a short warranty for the defects in the laptop cooling pad. Some rare brands will provide a life-time guarantee. It is better to select the product that comes with a warranty as you will be able to claim in case you have been delivered with a faulty laptop cooling pad.

How We Selected The Best Laptop Cooling Pads?

In order to present you with the best product we considered the following specifications to short-list the best laptop cooling pads from a wide range of products available in the market.


Whether you use the laptop on your lap or a desk, they have been designed to be portable. Not all laptop cooling pads are portable and you have to be very careful while selecting one.

If you have to travel often due to the business meetings then portability of the laptop cooling pad should be first thing on your list.

  • The product should be light in weight so that you will not have to feel the excessive weight when you carry it.
  • It should be adjustable on any surface.
  • As you have to meet different people so the laptop cooling pad should make your laptop look attractive


One of the most important factors that were considered by our team was the durability of the laptop cooling pad. The laptop cooling pad is often manufactured with three types of materials:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metal

We experiments all these materials to find out which one of them will be the best. The plastic was hard and light in weight but it was easy to break and not very efficient.​

The metallic laptop cooling pad had many features like height adjustment but their metallic surface could become conductive any time that reduced the durability of the product.

We found that rubber is the most suitable material. It is long lasting and easy to carry. There is no need to worry about any electricity and conduction and the material is reliable.


When it comes to buying the accessory most of the people consider their budget. It was hard for them to buy the actual product and investing the accessories but disturb their financial budget.

So we selected the laptop cooling pads from the least to most expensive. We assured that all the products have the best performance despite their price so that you will have the peace of mind that you are dealing with the best.

In order to select the appropriate cooling pad ensure to check its functionality before you invest in the product.


One of the biggest issues that come with the laptop-cooling pad is the noise that its fan produces. It can be very disturbing when you have to work and others might get irritated as well.

We selected the laptop cooling pad there were least noisy and irritating, as we understand that you need to work peacefully on the assignments and presentations.

You can select the cooler that produces 24-dBA sound because you will not even feel the noise and the fans will do their job of cooling the laptop.

Recently, all the latest laptop cooling pads have been developed with the special noise reduction technology.


It is important that you check the position of the vent of your laptop cooling pad.

  • You have to consider the laptop cooling pad that have the fans on the same side as that of your laptop.
  • The laptop cooling pad should work for your laptop and not against it.
  • The direction of the fans should be near or under the hot spots of your laptop so that they will always remain cool and help you with the tasks.
  • Do not forget to consider the ventilation method of the laptop cooling pad.
  • The active ventilation will provide better results as compared to the passive one.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad Comparison Table

​Here is the list of the best laptop cooling pad:

Laptop Cooling Pad

No. of Fans


Laptop Support

Cooler Master NotePal X3


2.0 pounds

Up to 17"

Targus Laptop Chill Mat


2.1 pounds

Up to 17"



1.5 pounds

Up to 17"

Cooler Master CM Storm


4.3 pounds

Up to 19"

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim


1.6 pounds

Up to 17"



4.2 pounds

Up to 17"

Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad


1.3 pounds

Up to 16.5"

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad


1.6 pounds

Up to 17"

Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS


2.4 pounds

Up to 19"

Zalman Laptop Cooling Pad


2.7 pounds

Up to 17"

​Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad Product Reviews

1. Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X3

In case you are searching for a laptop cooler that will perfectly compliment your smooth mixed media notepad or gaming rig, the Cooler Master NotePal X3 might be the ideal decision. The look of an Alienware and the design that can easily accommodate any size and shape of a laptop. The X3 highlights points, vents, and lights that set the state of mind for some genuine processing.

The NotePal X3 is a noteworthy portable workstation-cooling pad from Cooler Master with best-in-class cooling capacities that have earned it a positive reputation around the globe. With its forceful, gamer-arranged outline and expensive 200 mm fan, it is no big surprise that numerous gamers have made the X3 their portable workstation cooler of the decision.

Unfortunately, the NotePal cannot be kept in the lap. It sometimes feels inappropriate.

Cooler master is equipped with the following remarkable features:

  • It has a mesh surface that has been equipped with 1 fan that will keep your laptop chilled.
  • Equipped with the 200 mm fan that has a blue LED that will dissipate the extreme heat and provide high performance.
  • It has a heavy duty manufacturing that gives a sturdy support to the laptop.
  • It has a front vent for the cool breeze that will keep your hand dry and cool.
  • For the enhanced comfort, you can adjust it in two different heights.
  • There is a built-in controller to adjust the speed of the fan.
  • It can support several sizes of laptops ranging from 15 to 17 inches.


  • It has a sleek design
  • The cooling performance is amazing
  • LED lights to let the person know that the cooling pad is working and will not let the laptop get heated up even with intensive working
  • It has an exceptional air flow of 76.6 CFM
  • Can support all types of laptops


  • The size is large thus you will have to keep it on a table
  • Cannot keep it in your lap as it will be not comfortable

Customer Reviews:

It has been awarded 4.1 stars out of the 5-star rating. The customers have loved the adjustable height feature as well as the LED indications. However, some of them say that it becomes hard to utilize because you cannot keep it on the bed. It is perfect workmanship has been appreciated by the users.

​So if you are looking for a laptop cooling pad for the office or gaming used the cooler master will be your perfect choice. As it will look good when you keep it on the office table. The best thing is that it will last longer and thus you can enjoy the cooling effects.

Cooler Master NotePal X3 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED Fan
  • Mesh surface and 1 fan provide a chill mat for your laptop, Ultrabook, notebook, or netbook
  • High performance 200 mm fan with blue LED light helps dissipate extreme heat from gaming laptops
  • Heavy duty profile provides a sturdy foundation for your laptop

2. Targus Laptop Chill Mat

Targus Laptop Chill Mat

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is a standout amongst the most agreeable and portable PC coolers you might have come across. Numerous coolers are intended for work area utilize just, yet this one has an ergonomic wedge outline and a delicate neoprene covering, so it is sufficiently agreeable to use on your lap.

This wedge outline likewise heightens the fans off the surface the cooling device lays on, so you can utilize it on delicate or uneven surfaces without limiting wind current to the fans. Whether you prefer to utilize your notebook in bed or on your lap, this cooling pad keeps it from getting excessively hot.

The Lap Chill Mat puts such a great amount of consideration on adaptability and comfort that it does have the required cooling execution. Its fans might not be strong enough because of the small size yet it is a good choice for the emergency usage.

Sadly, the fans of the laptop are not strong enough. This is the reason that it is often said that it is not appropriate for regular usage.

You will come across the following features in the Targus Laptop Chill Mat:

  • It will protect the working surface as well as the lap from the damaging heat of the laptop.
  • It has dual fans that will disperse the heat produced by the laptop.
  • It will enhance the functionality and life of the laptop.
  • The exterior that is made of neoprene will provide extra comfort to your lap.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It comes in a black with gray color that will set perfectly will all of you laptop shades.
  • It can be utilized on any surface.
  • The wedge design that has been ergonomically outlined will help you to utilize it in any position.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • You can even use it while traveling.


  • There are no additional USB ports in the laptop cooling pad that makes it difficult to use.
  • The small size might make it hard to adjust the large laptops.

Customer Reviews:

The customers have given it a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. They say that its design is perfect and it keeps the laptop cool according to their requirements. Some of the users say that it sometimes stops to work. However, the company is working to fix this issue.

​It might not be equipped with many features but the design and portability of the cooling pad will make you fall for it. The best thing about it is that you can use on any surfaces even if they are uneven.

Targus Lap Chill Mat for Laptop, Black/Gray (AWE55US)
  • Protects lap or work surface from heat
  • Dual fans help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality; extends the life of the laptop
  • Soft neoprene exterior provides added comfort on your lap

3. HAVIT HV-F2056 - 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad


More often than not, a cooler pad remains in one place. Be it at home or work, these gadgets do not regularly use for traveling because they are not portable. Consequently, they are not commonly intended for it. The HAVIT HV-F2056 is a superb cooling pad without much mass or weight, which makes it simple to pack away with your portable workstation.

At only 1.5 pounds, the HAVIT is one of the lightest laptop cooling device ever designed. To keep up its little size and lightweight, it does not have a few of the components found on stationary models. Still, if versatility is your primary concern, the HV-F2056 may well be the best portable workstation cooler for you.

Despite the fact that it gives up a couple highlights here and there, it is not deficient in cooling execution. It utilizes three intense fans for the greatest wind current of 65 CFM, which places it immovably among the most effective portable workstation coolers accessible.

However, one of the facts that you might not like is that the height of the pad is not very adjustable.

HAVIT HV-F2056 has been manufactured with the following amazing features:

  • It is ultra portable, Slim, versatile, and lightweight permitting you to ensure your venture wherever you go.
  • The Ergonomic Comfort Doubles as it has been manufactured with the 2 different heights settings.
  • Streamlined for Laptop Carrying this brilliant multi-directional metalwork furnishes your notebook and laptop with a damage resistant and stable portable workstation conveying surface.
  • There are Quiet Fans that are Three in number and make a noise free environment for you.
  • Additional USB Ports and power switch outline. Worked in double USB center takes into account interfacing more USB gadgets.


  • The simple design makes it easy to carry.
  • It will keep even the larger devices cool.
  • 2.0 pass through USB ports available.


  • In the quiet environment, you might hear disturbance that is created by the sound of the fans.
  • There is no method that you can use to disable the LED of the device.
  • The height of the pad cannot be adjusted other than the two levels.

Customer Reviews:

The users have loved the device and thus they have given it a 4.4 out of the 5-star rating. The loved the fact that it is easy to carry with them and can be used in anywhere. Some of the customers also found it weak.

​HAVIT HV-F2056 can be regarded as the high performance, portable and durable laptop cooling pad. It will be the perfect complain of your laptop even when you are in an aircraft or vehicle.

HAVIT HV-F2056 15.6"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler - Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans)
  • [Ultra-Portable]: Slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever...
  • [Ergonomic Comfort]: Doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • [Optimized for Laptop Carrying]: The high-quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your laptop...

4. Cooler Master CM Storm SF-19 V2 - 19" Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

CM Storm SF-19 V2

The SF-19 V2 USB 3.0 gaming portable workstation cooler from Cooler Master, an apparently well-known scratch pad cooler among the few gaming notepads group that we’ve gone over. This unit retails at SGD 179, and the device will provide you with the cooling effects that you desire from the cooling pad.

When you will look at the product for the first time, it would appear that Cooler Master has run with its typical dark shaded foundation with a major picture of the genuine item imprinted on. Joined by the intelligent textual styles for the item name and portrayal to stand out enough to be noticed.

They have never neglected to ignore the outlook of the device. At the base right of the front of the crate, you’ll discover 2 little pictures of the SF-19 V2 with 2 marks of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 where the white little speck demonstrates that the SF-19 V2 in this container is the USB 3.0 model, which is highly favored these days.

Unfortunately, the device is costly for the people with a limited budget. Thus, you might not be able to afford it.

SF-19 V2 Storm is equipped with the following features:

  • The better than ever bigger work surface range and outlined on the SF-19 V2 guarantees client’s gaming machine breathes a sigh of relief and stays cool.
  • The incorporated multi-light shade that gives up to seven diverse shading profiles to coordinate your most loved CM Storm peripherals.
  • Including two accuracy cooling 140mm high wind current removable fans built to give extraordinary wind current.
  • Control every one of your gadgets with four USB 2.0 prepared ports and an extra scaled down and smaller scale USB port, ideal for charging and associating various gadgets.
  • Hostile to vibration and non-slip elastic cushions keep your gaming machine secure and stable on the SF-19 V2.


  • It is an aesthetic element.
  • It has a tidy desk space because of the cable management.
  • All the USB ports are functional because of the DC adapter that can also be called the power hub of the device.


  • Expensive.
  • If you provide more power the fans can perform even better but that can be dangerous.

Customer Reviews:

It has 4.1 rating out of the 4 stars which prove that it has grabbed the attention of the customers. The users have loved the design and durability of the product.

​So the SF-19 V2 will be worth the investment because of the amazing features it is providing. It will be perfect for your daily needs regardless of the laptop you are using it for.

CM Storm SF-19 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with Two 140mm Turbine Fans (SGA-4000-KKNF1)
  • Enormous cold-forged polygon mesh surface and 2 fans provide a chill mat for your laptop, Apple...
  • Two high performance 140 mm turbine fans with S-shaped blades can spin above 2000 RPM (1200-2600...
  • Multiple LED light settings allow you to choose your favorite color and ambiance

5. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim - Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

The Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim is, as its name expresses, a position of safety portable workstation cooler. While this makes it convenient, it’s thin physical make-up might make you feel like it will not have the features that you require. Still, this cooling pad is here to amaze you.

Cooler Master’s NotePal X-Slim is a lightweight and basic portable cooling device from the NotePal X family. X-Slim was made to bolster 7 to 17 inches notebooks and laptops and therefore can cool practically any size notebook or portable laptop workstation available today.

The ultra thin and lightweight outline is made for simple storage and carrying. With two height enhancement settings for ergonomic operation, a completely coincided surface in addition to a 160mm fan, it ought to give phenomenal cooling execution.

Sadly, the adjustment settings are not very appropriate. It sometimes feels like the product is not very comfortable.

The technologists with the following amazing features have manufactured NotePal X-Slim:

  • Workstation surface and 1 fan give a chilling sensation to your laptop and notebook, Apple Mac BookPro, Ultrabook, notepad or Netbooks.
  • Superior 160 mm fan can spinat around 1500 RPM.
  • It has the substantial obligation, yet ultra thin profile is awesome for gaming laptops.
  • Link grooves for the cables take into account simple and clean management for the cables.
  • Controlled and charged by USB port with go through so you do not lose a USB port.
  • Two diverse settings to change the height and make this stand that gives phenomenal comfort regardless of the laptop that you are using.
  • It can easily support various sizes and thus you will not have to worry about anything.


  • It is an attractive slim profile that makes it easily adjustable.
  • It is portable and can be utilized in office and at home.
  • It is durable.


  • There are not many adjustment settings.
  • It might lack some of the necessary features.

Customer Reviews:

It has been awarded a 4.1 rating out of 5. The customers fell for the slim outlook and appreciated that it is almost invisible on the laptop, which makes it appropriate. Most of the users say that despite the slimness it has all the amazing qualities that a cooling pad should have.

​Its portability and durability make it a decent companion for the laptops and the notebooks. However, it is not that comfortable and adjustable to use. Despite these drawbacks, it will be worth your money because of the lightweight and attractive design. Before investing in this cooling pad make sure that you are satisfied with the services it is providing.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm Fan (R9-NBC-XSLI-GP)
  • Mesh surface and 1 fan provide a chill mat for your laptop, Apple Mac BookPro, Ultrabook, notebook...
  • High performance 160 mm fan can spinat approximately 1500 RPM
  • Heavy duty, yet ultra slim profile is great for gaming laptops

6. CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

CM Storm SF-17

The fundamental reason for a portable laptop workstation cooler is, obviously, to keep your notebook cool when running intensive and heavy programs like games or updating, developing a software. When you hold your laptop and notebook’s temperature down, it can perform at its maximum, and it likewise extends its life. Notwithstanding, the best portable laptop workstation coolers are developed to accomplish more than simply keep your device cool.

The Cooler Master SF-17 is a portable PC cooler with a gamer-arranged stylish and extraordinary components that make it substantially more than simply one more cooling gadget. Despite the fact that the SF-17 expertly ventilates gaming laptops, it has extra components, for example, additional USB ports and numerous ergonomic height settings. These features have made the laptop cooler to gain the attention of the customers.

Unfortunately, it is not portable. This is the reason that the customers cannot transport it to other places and it can be only kept in home or office.

The Storm SF-17 has been manufactured with the following amazing features:

  • It has the noiseless and Powerful 180 mm fan for brilliant cooling execution.
  • The high-quality steeples Fan Speed Dial with power on/off capacity.
  • 4 Height Adjustments for ideal working and writing points.
  • It has been equipped with 4 Port USB Hub to enhance the connectivity.
  • Enhanced Cable Management with sides having the grooves for managing the cables.
  • Special rubber handles have been installed to make it easy to carry when required.
  • Retention Tabs for more security at higher edges.
  • An intense, yet calm 180 mm superior fan gives amazing cooling to your device.
  • Step-less fan speed dial for fast alterations and power on and off switch for fan operation.
  • 4 ergonomic adjustable height changes for ideal utilization position of laptop.
  • 4 USB ports for expanded network connectivity.
  • Red LEDs give a forceful and attractive look.
  • Portable laptop workstation maintenance tabs for expanded solidness at higher edges.
  • Good with extensive portable laptops that have screens up to 19 inches.


  • It is the perfect gaming base station.
  • It has the qualities that you not find in its rivals.
  • Affordable price.


  • The size of the cooling pad is very large.
  • It is heavy and thus it might be hard to carry.

Customer Reviews:

It has been awarded a 4.1 out the 5-star rating. The users have loved the fact that it is perfect for all the gaming laptops as well as it can be arranged in the workplace. However, the fact that is not appreciated by many is that it is not portable.

​If you are looking for a laptop cooler that can be placed on the table and you will use the laptop on that then SF-17 will be perfect for you. It will be worth the money you spend on it.

CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 180 mm Fan and 4 Ergonomic Height Settings
  • Silent and Powerful 180 mm fan for excellent cooling performance
  • Steeples Fan Speed Dial with power on/ off function
  • 4 Height Adjustments for optimal working / typing angles

7. Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

The best notebook coolers have effective cooling fans, flexible top boards and even favor LED articulations. In any case, a few clients need not bother with the most technological cooling capacities, and these components may make the portable PC cooler they pick pointlessly costly.

Belkin’s CoolSpot Anywhere is a portable laptop workstation-cooling pad that has been developed with highlights found on more propelled models for a more alluring cost. It is one of the most effective, calm or rich with many qualities choice out there.

Yet its keen mix of cooling capacities and value settle on it an extraordinary decision for a few clients. Clients that prefer power might be frustrated with its cooling capacity. However, equipped with the cooling fan it will keep the temperature of your laptop under control when you are playing games or install some intensive software.

Sadly, the laptop cooler is not powered and thus it might limit the cooling capacity. Many clients do not appreciate this feature.

Belkin cooling pad has been developed with the following features:

  • The product has a perforated plan and design for fan and thus provides better and calmer cooling.
  • It has been specially designed for the modern styles of the laptops and notebooks to make sure that it can easily adjust all types.
  • It will effectively hold the laptop in place with the help of the special rubber stopper.
  • It will provide effective results.


  • The fans will provide you with perfect performance regardless of the surface you keep it on.
  • It has a rear intake vent that will allow the fan to work smoothly.
  • The outline of the product is attractive.


  • The cooling capacity is limited because of the lack of power system.
  • There is only a single fan.

Customer Reviews:

It has been given 4.1 stars out of the 5-star rating. The customers have loved the fact that almost all types of laptops and notebooks are easy. Most of them are happy that it is doing the job it has been manufactured for. However, a few customers expected more than it is providing.

​If you have a low budget and you still require a laptop cooler then Belkin will be a good choice for you. It will protect your laptop from overheating and allow you to save some money for a better laptop cooler. It might lack some power but its design and performance will provide you with every quality that you are looking for.

Belkin CoolSpot Anywhere Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Perforated design for fan allows for better & quieter cooling
  • Designed and manufactured for new style laptops - widescreen
  • Rubber stop on the top of the cooling pad will more effectively hold your laptop in place

8. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad - 15.6~17 Inch Laptop Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Numerous cooling devices are made with a moderate plan, and they come in different subjects and styles since they are commonly utilized by professional gamers and individuals who are into developing intensive applications and have to work on laptop whole day.

About Tree New Bee Cooling Pad, it comes furnished with four cooling fans, which are 120 mm in measurement and they turn at 1200 rounds for each moment (rpm). This is all that anyone could need cooling power, and because of its size, this cooling pad can without much of a stretch cool 17 inches long portable notebooks and laptops.

Actually, this is one of the best portable laptop cooling pads that you can use while in bed, for the most part in light of the way that this holder is intended to be on a level surface, utilizing the air around it for viable cooling.

Unfortunately, the switches of the pad have been adjusted in the back. It sometimes makes it difficult to use it.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad has been manufactured with the following features:

  • This laptop and notebook stand to keep the device running cooler to make sure that the performance and the life of laptop are not reduced.
  • The cooling workstations with four fans and two hostile to slide arms, metal stage will make the heat go away from the laptop within seconds.
  • Docking stations thin, versatile and light weight permitting you to secure your laptop wherever you go.
  • Additional USB ports and switch and extra USB hub and wind speed switch plan, worked in double USB center takes into account associating more USB gadgets.
  • Ergonomic designed structure that is adjustable stature setting, agreeable for regular perspective.


  • It will not only make the laptop stay cool as well as keep it cool.
  • Because of the perfect design, it will not produce any strain on your neck and back muscles.
  • It will allow you to connect the laptop to as many gadgets as you like.


  • The fan controls knobs are hard to find because they have been adjusted in the back.
  • The LED light might be bright for your eyes and it causes frustration.

Customer Reviews:

It has got the height rating yet among the top laptop cooling devices. It has been awarded 4.5 stars out of 5. The reason behind it is that customer loved the fact of adjustable height and the strong cooling capacity. Most of the customers say that they are happy that they invested in this device.

​If you are looking for stylish, portable and high-performance cooling pad then it will be your best choice. Make sure that you invest in the product that will meet your requirements.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for 15.6 - 17-Inch Laptops with Four 120mm Fans at 1200 RPM, Black (TNB-K0025)
  • Laptop stand helps keep laptops running cooler to help reduce crashes
  • Computer workstations with four fans and two anti-skid arms, metal platform draws heat away from...
  • Docking stations slim, portable and light weight allowing you to protect your PC wherever you go

9. Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS

Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS

Notebooks and laptops nowadays deliver a great deal of warmth, and it’s a smart thought to attempt to force some of that warmth far from the parts in the PC to make your device more steady, maintain your notebook’s life, and, on the off chance that you decide to overclock your device, to open somewhat additional potential.

Cooler Master has put a lot of laptop coolers out onto the market; however, one of their more up to date ones is the NotePal U3. The plan of the NotePal takes into account a definitive in setup choices and ought to give a considerable measure of cooling force with three separate fans.

It brings down the temperature on the base of your notebook and laptop, which, preceding the NotePal was amazingly warm to the touch. When utilizing it with the NotePal, the scratch pad was scarcely even warm. You will be content with the execution of the three 80mm fans. The fans will provide the best results and you will not be able to hear their noise.

Sadly, there is no fan clip to hold the fans in the U3 and might sometimes create problems. Some of the users are not appreciating this fact.

NotePal U3 PLUS has been manufactured with the following features that you must look forward to:

  • There are three configurable fans that permit you to reposition and focus on your portable laptop’s particular warmth zones.
  • Thin and lightweight aluminum surface compliments the plan of your MacBook or Ultrabook.
  • Can be utilized as a case with the included safety belt for the protection when required.
  • Ergonomic outline offers ideal writing and watching points.
  • Rich sand-impacted aluminum surface and three fans give a chill air to your laptop and notebook.
  • Perfect and smooth plan matches with and compliments your portable PC.
  • Fans can turn up to 1800 RPM, each equipped for 15 CFM wind current.
  • Substantial obligation aluminum structure for expanded toughness.


  • It is affordable and thus will not upset your budget.
  • Will keep your laptop protected when you are transporting it.
  • It will keep the laptop cool regardless of the surface and the conditions you place it in.


  • There no fan control clips in the cooling pad.
  • The cord lengths of the fans might be short sometimes which causes problems when using the device.

Customer Reviews:

The customers have awarded it with a4.1 out of the 5-star rating. They have been attracted by the cooling system and the fact that it will not let their device fall in any case.

​If you are in search of a device that will keep your laptop cool in a stylish way then NotePal is a good choice. Its affordable rate will not upset your budget as well.

Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Moveable High Performance Fans (Black)
  • Three configurable fans allow you to reposition and target your laptop's specific heat zones
  • Slim and lightweight aluminum surface compliments the design of your MacBook or Ultra book
  • Can be used as a carrying case with the included safety strap

10. Zalman Laptop Cooling Pad

Zalman Laptop Cooling Pad

The Zalman NC1000 is a top of the line notebook cooler device that has a strong and extraordinary looking outline. It has a strong aluminum surface, two USB ports, and a fan speed control dial. Still, it does have the cooling force of the best portable laptop workstation coolers. This is the reason that it is considered as a mainstream cooling pad.

Despite the fact that it has two fans, it just achieves 11 CFM at its most noteworthy setting. For a higher-end portable notebook and laptop cooler, this execution is missing and wasteful, particularly when contrasted with comparative cooler models. Practically speaking, this implies you do not get similar wind stream from the Zalman as you do from even more capable models, however, it will do its job of cooling the laptops.

Unfortunately, the fans of the device are not powered which makes it sometimes not very effective.

Zalman is equipped with the following features:

  • The control if noise is very effective.
  • It will provide you with faster cooling effects thus will remove the heat before it can damage the performance of the laptop.
  • It has precision, unique yet a simple outline.
  • Come in silver and black contrast.
  • It has a curve and line outline.
  • It is easily compatible with several sizes of laptops including from 12 to 17 inches.


  • It has been manufactured with the aluminum shell.
  • It is durable and long lasting.
  • The design of the cooling pad is very attractive.


  • The fans of the laptop do not work with power.
  • It might sometimes fail to cool the laptop because of extensive usage.

Customer Reviews:

The product has been given 4.2 stars out of 5 by the customers. They say that its look and lightweight stature made them fall in love with the device. It is affordable and that is perfect for many of the users.

​If you have a small laptop that is not used for the intensive work, then it will be your perfect choice. With the creative design, it will enhance the beauty of your laptop. It might not be perfect for the heavy-duty laptops but at the same time, not everyone uses them.

Zalman NC3500 Laptop Cooling Pad with 4 USB Ports (NC3500)
  • Quick control of noise and cooling performance.
  • Line & Curve, Black & Silver, Simple but Precision & Unique.
  • It is compatible with 17 inch/15 inch/12 inch laptops.

Which Laptop Cooling Pad is Right for Me?

You must be wondering that which best laptop cooling pad will be ideal for your requirements. To select a product compare all the above-mentioned information with the feature of your laptop and you will get the answer.

It is important that you only invest in the laptop cooling pad that exactly meets your demands. Buying the one with the excessive feature you do not require will be a waste of money. Think intelligently so you can invest wisely.

The laptop cooling pads have become a necessity in the modern age. As most of the people are using laptops and especially for the intensive work it gets heated easily. Therefore, to keep them at the right temperature the cooling pads are a perfect choice.

So now, you are well aware of the features and advantages of the best laptop cooling devices that are available in the market. Therefore, keeping in mind the type of usage that you have with your laptop or notebook select the one that will meet your requirements. Invest in this cooling pad now before you lose your laptop because of overheating.

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